• Nick Harvey feat Junior Vasquez - Junyork

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Welcome to Twitch Productions, home of NYC’s hottest Sunday night party, The Underground.

Twitch Productions brings you back to the days when it was all about having a good time, turning it out on the dance floor, and most importantly…when it was about the music. For those of you who remember a time when a party was not just a party…it was so much more.

From the door to the dance floor it was like a smooth running machine driven by a cast of fabulous characters, all an integral part of the end result “an experience” forever stamped in your memory. Those moments are the “remember when” moments that you can share with your friends and in some cases total strangers. Those moments that if you know… then you KNOW… and the thread of fierceness ties you together eternally.

Twitch Productions, making going out fun again.

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